COVID-19 Protocol

Covid-19 Protocol

Covid-19 Protocol

El Níspero Dulce is a rural small-scaled Bed & Breakfast where all accommodations have their own entrance, own terrace and their own privacy. 

This protocol ensures maximum safety and focuses on minimizing microorganisms and specifically viruses on surfaces in common areas as well as in all accommodations. This is achieved by disinfecting surfaces which are or may be contaminated in a targeted manner. 
Actual information can be found on the website of the Spanish Ministry of Health (only in Spanish).

The measures that we have taken...


  • All accommodations cleaned before arrival and there is a daily refreshment cleaning, just as we did already. We now pay even more attention to the contact points such as door handles and light buttons.
  • All accommodations are provided with a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser and disposable tissues.
  • Magazines and books are removed in all accommodations .
  • The information brochure in the accommodations is removed and can be read digitally by scanning a QR code provided in the accommodations.

Honesty Bar

  • The Honesty Bar is provided with a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser and disposable tissues.
  • The Honesty Bar only has plastic cups for “one use only”.
  • A limited number of tourist folders will be available.

Breakfast and Dinner

  • Inside and outside on the terrace there is at least 2 meter between every table to secure safety measures. In the area where breakfast/dinner is served there will be a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser.
  • As long as this protocol applies there will be no breakfast buffet, instead breakfast will be served at the table. We will wear gloves and mouth masks when serving breakfast or dinner.

Swimming Pool

  • The big terrace around the swimming pool allows you to keep social distance with other guests. The distance between the sets of beds is at least 2 meters (6 ft).
  • The outdoor shower will not be available.

What we expect from you, the guest...


  • Please, air your room as much as you can.

Common Areas

  • You are kindly asked to keep a distance of 2 meters (6 ft) from us and other guests.

Swimming Pool

  • Please use ALWAYS the by us provided pool towels on the beds.
  • Take a shower in your own accommodation before going into the pool since the outdoor shower will be cut off.