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Walking and Cycling in the area: The house is on the edge of the Sierra Tejeda National Park. A Perfect place for walking and cycling.

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Walking the Caminito del Rey: A walkway, pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro.

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Walking thru El Torcal de Antequera:

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Walking in the Chillar river: A lovely stay-cool thing to do in the summer when it´s hot.

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Plan A - Tours y actividades: El equipo de Elena ofrece recorridos diferentes / personalizados en nuestra región. Por favor, eche un vistazo a su página web.

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Parapente: Vuela por los cielos de la ciudad de Granada, sobre las cumbres de Sierra Nevada y frente al monumento de La Alhambra.

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Sailing: Amanda and Iain of Force4sailing in La Herradura organize private skippered sailing charters.

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Aqua Velis Water Park: One of the largest, splashiest water-parks in the province, located in Torre del Mar.

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The house is in the most stunningly beautiful mountainous region and on the edge of the Sierra Tejeda National Park. The closest peak is La Maroma (2068m), the park is a perfect place for trekking and (mountain) biking. More information is available on this site and at our place.

The peaks of the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama Mountains form the natural frontier between the provinces of Malaga and Granada. The Tejeda and Almijara Mountains are on the Malaga side, in the heart of the Axarquía region. Alhama is in the westernmost part of the province of Granada. Tejeda Peak reaches 2068 meters above sea level and offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean coast and adjacent mountain ranges. It is popular with hikers and mountaineers. 

White and grey tones predominate in the peaks and gullies of these mountains, the result of an abundance of marble. The decomposition of these rocks creates areas of sand where pine groves adapt and form the most common ecosystems, with Aleppo, Austrian and even Corsican pines. In the highest and most shady areas there are also Pyrenean oaks and maple trees. 


Location (GPS 36.915770, -4.083345)
Caminito del Rey (1,5 hours) is a walkway, pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro. The name derives from the original name of Camino del Rey (King's Pathway), abbreviated locally to el caminito. The walkway had fallen into disrepair and was partially closed for over a decade. After four years of extensive repairs and renovations, the walkway re-opened in 2015. 

 Tickets Caminito del Rey

El Torcal de Antequera is a nature reserve in the Sierra del Torcal mountain range located south of the city of Antequerra. It is known for its unusual landforms, and is one of the most impressive karstlandscapes in Europa. The area was designated a Natural Site of National Interest in July 1929, and a Natural Park Reserve of about 17 square kilometres was created in October 1978.

For more information take a look at the official website.

Location (GPS 36.953425, -4.544657)

River walk in the Chillar river:  A lovely stay-cool thing to do in the summer when it´s hot. The walk towards the river Chillar starts in Nerja (55 minutes).  Check on the site of Walking Europe for more info. In summer it can be crowded of people.

Walking is not possible from the end of May to the beginning of September in southern Spain. This walk is one of the few exceptions: it is best in June, July and August, because you walk along a cool river bed in a narrow, shady canyon. Unlike many Andalusian rivers, this one has water, at least from the "fabrica de luz" (a very small hydroelectric station).

Obviously, you have absolutely no chance of ending the walk with dry feet. Wear old trainers and shorts. A walking stick is very useful, as the riverbed is stony. In places, the canyon is so narrow that you can touch both sides at the same time. The flora and fauna are not at all typical of southern Spain. You will see a variety of ferns and other shade-loving plants and beautiful butterflies and dragonflies.

The walk is easy but the stones in the river might make it a bit more difficult for some people, especially children. In places, you can swim in shallow pools, so take a towel.

How to get there
: Nerja is accessible from Malaga by bus. You can get to the river via calle Julio Romero de Torres, then turn left into calle Solana and finally go right in to Picasso, one of the streets above the Municipal Sports Centre, leading to a broad track that descends to the riverbed. You can also get to the river from El Playazo Beach. If you take the latter route (which is longer), keep on the right hand side of the river (when facing the mountains).


The Walk Following the unsurfaced track that follows the banks of the river Chíllar, you will arrive at the confluence with the river Higuerón (which forks off to the left). Continuing on the right hand side of river, you eventually reach a small cement works and from this point, the riverbed narrows. You go this far by car (and perhaps a little further) but you must park the car before you reach the little hydroelectric station.


If the water in the river has dried up, do not worry, there will be water above the hydroelectric station. From here, you have to continue on foot. The first few meters (3 or 4) are steep and sometimes slippery as you navigate a ramp up to the real start of the walk. The walk gets better and better from here on. No description is needed: you could not possibly get lost from this point onwards. How far you go is up to you. You can continue for a few miles but the going is slow.


Warning - there are always dangers when water is present and supervision of all children is essential. It also wise not to use this route in periods when heavy rainstorms are likely.


Ubicación (GPS 36.788367, -3.873909)

El equipo de Elena ofrece actividades diferentes en nuestra región.

En resumen, ofrecen:

  • Visitas guiadas
  • Parapente y paramotor
  • Caminito del Rey
  • Deporte de agua
  • Rutas del vino
  • Barranquismo, espeleología y senderismo
  • Montar a caballo
  • Tours en bicicleta y alquiler
  • 4 x 4
  • Rutas en catamarán

Por favor, consulte esta página para obtener más información.

Vuela por los cielos de la ciudad de Granada, sobre las cumbres de Sierra Nevada y frente al monumento de La Alhambra. Pilotos profesionales harán única tu experiencia de vuelo en Parapente. Volar en Parapente en Granada nunca había sido tan facil...
Private Skippered Sailing Charters 

Amanda and Iain of Force4sailing in La Herradura (1 hour) organize private skippered sailing charters.

Sailing from the stunning Marina del Este they head either east towards the ancient and beautiful towns of Almunecar and Salobren where they can anchor just off a beach for a swim. Or they sail west round Punta de la Mona heading towards Nerja and Maro passing the bay of La Herradura and the magnificent protrusion of Cerro Gordo this sees them firmly within the stretch of protected marine natural park that is fantastically popular with divers, naturalists and holiday makers.
One of the largest, splashiest water-parks in the province, located in Torre del Mar. There are 21 different rides to choose from, including some super-fast slides (an 80m-high kamikaze), soft foam slides, dinghy river ride and a paddling pool for young children (and parents!). Not forgetting the wave pool and lagoon.


Torre del Mar: Segundo núcleo de población del municipio de Vélez-Málaga en número de habitantes y gran escaparate turístico.

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Cantarriján, La Herradura: Vistit on the most beautifull naturist beaches at the Costa del Sol in Cantarriján.

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Segundo núcleo de población del municipio de Vélez-Málaga en número de habitantes y gran escaparate turístico.

Torre del Mar se caracteriza por la calidad ambiental y extensión de sus magníficas playas, así como por su paseo marítimo, punto de encuentro de numerosos visitantes, así como de vecinos de la localidad.

En la actualidad, Torre del Mar es un enclave turístico, comercial y de ocio, cuya oferta gastronómica vinculada al ‘pescaíto’ forma parte de numerosas guías gastronómicas.

More about beaches in our region is available on Absolute Axarquia.

Cantarriján naturist beach is situated in the Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo Natural Area just west of La Herradura near Almuñecar. Access is down a steep windy track and from mid-June to mid-September you must leave your vehicle in the car park (free) at the side of the N-340 and take the minibus (€1 each way). You won’t regret the hassle or the expense: the two shingle bays are protected by vertiginous cliffs and the sea is Caribbean clear. The first beach has sunshades, sunbeds, showers, two restaurants, and tends to be a naturist-textile mix, while the second is wilder, stonier and nuder. 

Coming from Nerja on the N-340 coast road, the turnoff to Cantarriján naturist beach is well sign-posted, just past the ‘Provincia de Granada’ sign and before the Cerro Gordo tunnel. Alternatively, follow the A-7 motorway until the Almuñecar Oeste-La Herradura exit and then backtrack 8km along the N-340 towards Nerja. 


Ubicación (GPS 36.737669, -3.777151)

Oil and Montains route: Discover the villages around the Viñuela lake by following the “Ruta del Aceite y los Montes”  (Oil and Mountains route).

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Vélez-Málaga: The bustling market town of Vélez-Málaga lies 5 km inland from Torre del Mar, surrounded by subtropical vegetation.

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Comares: One of the highest pueblo blancos in Andalucía.

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Alhambra de Granada: Alhama de Granada is a town in the province of Granada, approx. 50 km from the city of Granada. The name is derived from the thermal baths located there

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Nerja: Nerja is a resort town along southern Spain's Costa del Sol. Its seafront promenade, Balcón de Europa, tops a promontory with views of the Mediterranean and surrounding mountains.

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Antequerra: A medieval town in the hills to the north of Malaga, overlooked by a Moorish fortress or Alcazaba.

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Lobopark - Hogar de los lobos: Discover the Lobo Park near Antequera, an unspoilt nature and wildlife park in the heart of Andalusia.

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Flamencos en la Laguna de Fuente de Piedra.: La Laguna de Fuente de Piedra es la más grande de Andalucía y ofrece un entorno privilegiado para la reproducción del flamenco rosa.

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The main protagonist of this route is the olive tree, of the “verdial” variety, which is used to produce one of the finest olive oils. The route is also ideal for hiking and camping enthusiasts. Our journey begins in Viñuela, which owes its origin to a crossroads on the way from Málaga to Granada, which was a popular stopping point for sustenance in a local inn. Heading on, we come to Alcaucín, in the foothills of the region´s highest peak the Maroma.

Our next stop is Periana, where we can admire the Neolithic remains at El Fuerte, Santa Ana Necropolis and the Arabic baths of Vilo, which were still in use until the XIX century and whose sulphurous waters are ideal for treating skin conditions.

The route next takes us to Alfarnatejo and Alfarnate, once an enclave of highwaymen, before finishing in Colmenar, with its steep, winding streets, and Riogordo, whose village center is home to a number of houses which feature small chapel-niches in their upper levels.

(Source: )

Vélez-Málaga (20 minutes) is the nearest city near the sea. Capital of La Axarquía, Vélez-Malaga, often simply referred to as Vélez, is the centre of an agricultural region known for its strawberries and vineyards
The Alcazaba and the Ermita de la Virgen are set on a hill overlooking the city. A lot of information is available on Mi Vélez Málaga


Watch this video to get an Impression of the Holy week (Semana Santa).

Comares (45 minutes) is one of the highest pueblo blancos in Andalucía (739 meters above sea level), Comares can be spied for kilometers around, rising high above the surrounding countryside and resembling a natural extension to the craggy rock face.

From our garden, you can see the lights popping up during sunset. 


Watch this video to get an Impression of Comares (Source: Axartel Television).

Alhama de Granada (40 minutes) Through the Zafarraya pass and towards Granada. A delightful, total unspoilt little town with an amazing gorge (for walking … or just looking!). The hot springs (Balneario de Alhama) are 10 minutes away … swim in hot outside pool or take a treatment in the centre there.

Nerja (45 minutes) has around 15 Km (small) beaches. In the center there are many shops and places to eat and last but not least the Balcón de Europe, a promenade made on a cliff with amazing views over the Mediterranean Sea.

 - The famous Nerja Caves (50 minutes)

- Close to Nerja, at the other side of the highway, you find Frigiliana. It is one of the most beautiful white village of Andalusia with a historical character and a lot of charm.

- Close to Frigiliana is the lost village of El Acebuchal.

Antequera (1h) is one of the oldest cities in Andalucía and often forgotten on the classical Andalucía tour circuit. Although, architecturally and historically very interesting place to visit because of the influences of the Roman, Moorish and Spanish periods.

La reserva natural se sitúa en el noroeste de la provincia de Málaga. Con una extensión de 1500 hectáreas, se encuentra situada en el municipio de Fuente de Piedra y pertenece al conjundo endorréico de lagunas de la zona de Antequera. La forma del vaso lagunar es elíptica, con sus dimensiones de 2,5 km en su eje menor y 6,7 km en el eje mayor.
La laguna se encuentra a 1,5 horas en coche de El Níspero Dulce.

Más información que puedes encontrar en

Ubicación (GPS 37.107718, -4.770914)

Málaga: A delightful city only 50 minutes from El Níspero Dulce.

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Granada: When you visit Andalusia a visit to the Alhambra can not be missed.

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Córdoba: Famous for the Mezquita that used to be the greatest mosque of Europe under the Moors.

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Sevilla: The capital city of Andalucia known as an open-air museum and occupies the valley of the Guadalquivir river.

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Málaga (50 minutes) is of the most famous Spanish places on the Costa del Sol with a wonderful climate in summer and winter. Discover the renovated harbor with restaurants, cocktail bars and the Center Pompidou that opened in 2015.

Pablo Picasso was born here. The figure of the artist is everywhere in Malaga. The best example is the Picasso Museum, founded in 2003; in addition to the painter's House-Museum. Another visit not to be missed is to the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga, which highlights the importance of Andalusian artists to 19th-century Spanish painting.What's more, simply by strolling around its historic centre visitors can immerse themselves in the city's heritage, with monuments like the cathedral, a fine example of an Andalusian Renaissance church; the Alcazaba, a 10th-century Arab palace-fortress; and the Roman Theatre.

The city's best-known festivities are the Easter week commemorations and the Malaga Fair. This first event has been declared a Festivity of International Tourist Interest, and the second –in August– is an excuse to fill the city's streets with good-natured high spirits. Finally, Malaga is an excellent destination for those who want to learn more about the art of flamenco.

And a great place for shopping!


Granada (1h30) famous from the Alhambra can be reached via the highway (140 Km) or inland (90 Km) by crossing the Zafarraya pass at 900m above sea level.

When you visit Andalusia a visit to the Alhambra can not be missed. A world class monument full of Moorish history, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada. Don´t forget to visit the old Moorish quarter Albaicín, the Capilla Real and the Cathedral. Tip: book your tickets for the Alhambra at home!


*** Tickets Alhambra de Granada *** 

Córdoba (2h) is famous for the Mezquita that used to be the greatest mosque of Europe under the Moors. Nowadays it’s formally the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption (Spanish: Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción).

When driving to the city you pass many olive trees on the banks of the Guadalquivir. Visit also the gardens of the Alcázar and the Judería and the medieval Jewish quarter.

Seville (2h30) is the capital city of Andalusia and occupies the valley of the Guadalquivir river. The city Seville is also known as one large open-air museum, where authentic Spanish elements are influenced by Moorish styles.

Situated on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, Seville has a rich Moorish heritage, and used to be a prosperous port that carried out trade with the Americas. The streets and squares in the historic quarter of the capital of Andalusia are lively and busy. They treasure many constructions that have the World Heritage designation, and many districts are full of traditional culture, like Triana and La Macarena

It is the city with thousands of orange trees, the city where Flamenco was born and where you can get lost in the colorful streets. It is known for the Alcázar of Seville, the Catedral of Seville, the Giralda, the Santa Cruz quarter and much much more…

Roundtrip: Especially for you we have put together an exciting tour of Andalucia, you will stay at some carefully selected B&Bs.

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Partners & Links:

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Together with some colleagues we have put together an exciting tour of Andalusia. You will stay at hand-picked B&B’s where comfort, service and delicious food are of paramount importance. At each of the selected B&B’s you will experience the owners’ personal touch and all our B&B’s have something special to offer which you will not find in any travel guide.

Below you’ll find an example of how your tour could look like. Depending on where you land (generally Seville or Malaga) this tour can be arranged according to your own wishes and budget. You can decide in which order you want to visit each B&B, provided you book at least two nights at each. You are not obliged to stay at all six B&B’s.

Booking procedure round trip

This tour can be arranged according to your own wishes. You can decide in which order you want to visit each B&B, provided you book at least two nights at each. You are not obliged to stay at all participating B&B´s.

You will pay the B&B of your first arrival by a deposit as stated in the bookings confirmation. All information about the rooms, rates and details of the bed & breakfasts you find on websites of the participating B&B´s.
Below you find an example of how the tour can look like.

*** Booking contact form ***

Casa Don Carlos

If you arrive at  Malaga or Seville Airport or depart this can be your first or last stop, Casa Don Carlos, run by Carlo and Ronald just outside the village of Alhaurin El Grande. This village is situated at 30 km. from Malaga with its bustling port. The genial hosts know exactly how to make their guest feel completely at home. From Casa Don Carlos you can visit Málaga, Benalmádena and Mijas and soak up the luxurious atmosphere of the Costa del Sol. Thanks to its proximity to Málaga airport Casa Don Carlos is the ideal place to relax after an eventful tour!

El Níspero Dulce

From Alhaurín El Grande it is 1h15 to the next address the beautiful country villa El Níspero Dulce in the village of Alcaucín, 25 minutes from the coast. Belgian-Dutch couple René and Kris will do everything to make your stay a pleasant and mouth-watering experience, especially with the jams prepared with the fruit of their own fruit trees from the huge garden surrounding the villa. This is also an ideal place for bird watching, being located at the edge of the Sierra Tejada Natural Park.

Cortijo La Haza

From Alcaucín it is 1h20 to get at your next stop:  Cortijo LaHaza n Iznájar, one of the authentic white villages in Southern Córdoba. Your hostess Bernadette and talented chef Patriek will warmly welcome you. Together with their Spanish staff Carmen and Eli they will ensure your stay is wonderfully comfortable. The cortijo (farm) is about 10 km. from the village and is surrounded by olive groves as far as the eye can see. La Haza is ideally situated for trips to Córdoba, Priego de Córdoba and Antequera with the Torcal National Park. Granada with the world famous Alhambra is also within easy reach.

Finca La Luz

From Iznájar it is  a two hours’ drive to your next port of call in the small town of Carmona, at just 18 km. from the historic centre of Seville. You will be staying at the charming Finca La Luz, run by Lucas. The Finca is rural Torrepalma, which is part of the small town of Carmona. It is a lovely little paradise, with characteristic streets, palacios, beautiful facades, a genuine royal palace and many small restaurants. Public transport can take you into the centre of Seville to visit the best flamenco shows in town.

Casa Paco

B&B Casa Paco está ubicado en una antigua granja reconvertida, ubicada en el norte de Andalucía, donde puedes pasar la noche en auténticos y lujosos ambientes españoles. Además de las amplias y modernas habitaciones, cada una con baño privado, hay una piscina, terrazas encantadoras y una cocina (exterior) donde se cocinan platos tradicionales españoles. El bed and breakfast se encuentra a las afueras del animado pueblo de Vélez Rubio. A solo 15 minutos a pie encontrará (hasta 40) acogedores restaurantes y tiendas (tapas) y también está en el borde del Parque Nacional Sierra María-Los Vélez. Puede alternar su estadía con hermosas rutas por la zona (incluyendo Gabo de Gata o Castril), relajarse junto a la piscina, mantenerse activo con las diversas actividades al aire libre (consejos): descenso en cuevas o seguir un taller tradicional de cocina de tapas en Casa Paco auto. ¡Nada es necesario, todo es posible!

Alhambra de Granada: Consisting of the Alcazaba, The Nasrid Palaces and the Generalife.

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Caminito del Rey: A walkway, pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro.

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A one and a halve hour drive away from Bed & Breakfast El Níspero Dulce lies the beautiful edifice Alhambra, consisting of the Alcazaba, The Nasrid Palaces and the Generalife.

The Alhambra is very busy and especially in the months of April, May and September. Only 300 tickets per half hour are issued for the Nasrid Palace. To avoid disappointment, we advise you to reserve tickets in time.

Caminito del Rey (1,5 hours) is a walkway, pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro. The name derives from the original name of Camino del Rey (King's Pathway), abbreviated locally to el caminito. The walkway had fallen into disrepair and was partially closed for over a decade. After four years of extensive repairs and renovations, the walkway re-opened in 2015. 

 Tickets Caminito del Rey

Marbesol: Car rental with discount directly at one of the largest companies of Málaga.

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Through this screen you can rent directly from Marbesol, one of the largest car rental companies in Málaga and you will receive 5% extra discount.
For some extra power in the hills and mountains, we recommend to choose at least a ´Medium – Group E´ car. With the all inclusive option you are 100% insured and you know all costs in advance. So no surprises and additional payments upon arrival!